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Bloomin' Metric®:

Ride Day Highlights

Bloomin' Metric Riders Bloomin' Metric Riders

Your registration includes a day of fun and fitness plus activities and support from the day you register until the Bloomin' Metric®.

On your arrival you will be directed where to park your car. From the parking lot, head toward the check in area. We will have bike racks set up for you to leave your bike so you can conveniently check in.
Bloomin' Metric Riders Bloomin' Metric Riders
The line moves quickly as you check in for the event. Just look for the letter that corresponds to your last name hanging over the check-in tables which helps speed the process. Once checked in, you will receive your bib number and you can pick up your free, official Bloomin' Metric® T-shirt. Be aware that your bib will also contain your lunch ticket that you will need for the food trucks waiting on your arrival back to the starting point.
VeloFix Truck VeloFix Truck
If you didn't have a chance to have your bike inspected or you're concerned about a problem with your bike, there will be bike techs around to assist you should you need service. We do try to have bike techs located at various food stops as well. We also have SAG support around the different routes.
Want to look your best and show that your are really part of the event? Why not consider getting a Bloomin' Mertic® Jersey. In fact, if you really want to get into the spirit, we're offering an array of cyclewear for the event. A lot of women like the sleeveless jersey and we are including a wind vest. We also have shorts and bibs to complete the kit.
Bloomin' Metric Jersey Bloomin' Metric Jersey
Ordering is simple but there is a ordering window if you want to receive your cyclewear ahead of time and wear it at the event. You must have your order in by March 17th! If you haven't already seen our section on ordering, just click here. Make sure you download the sizing chart and check your measurements. There is also a comparison chart to explain the two different models: Elevate and Volare Elite. Each model has their own fits: Elevate has a Relax & Sport fit, while the Volare Elite has a Sport & Race fit.


6:30 am

Parking opens at Event Area.

7:00 am

Check-in/Registration opens. You must bring your helmet.

7:00 am – 3:00 pm

This ride is self-paced for the 100 km, 75 km and 40 km rides. It is NOT a race.

9:00 am

25 km (15 mi): Will meet at 9:00 am and be led by experienced ride leaders leaving at approximately 9:30 am at an average speed 10mph.

1:00 pm

Rest stops on ride routes close. The 40 km has 1 food stop, the 75 km and 100 km routes have 3 food stops.

11:30 am – 2:00 pm

After your ride, participants enjoy free: Lunch from local food trucks. Use the stub on your bib for your lunch. (Additional tickets available for purchase.) Stuff to Buy , Music and more! Stay and enjoy the day!

Suggested Start Times

(There are NO official start times for the 100 km, 75 km and 40 km rides.)
100 km (63 mi): 7 am to 7:30 am
75 km (48 mi): 7:30 am to 9 am
40 km (27 mi): 8:30 am to 9:30 am

New to Recreational Cycling?

Interested in recreational road cycling but not sure how to start? There will be a special ride led by experienced ride leaders at the Bloomin' Metric® for new or less experienced riders.
E-bikes are permitted but there are certain restrictions. Class 1 (max speed 20mph) and Class 3 (max speed 28mph) are permitted. These are pedal-assisted bikes. Class 2 throttle bikes (not pedal-assisted) are not permitted. Your pedal-assisted bike MUST look like a bike and not a moped or motorized scooter. It should not have small and/or fat wheels and cannot be so heavy that stopping suddenly can become a serious problem.

Sherwood Island Park Pavilion Sherwood Island Park Pavilion
Group Ride at the Bloomin' Metric®
The 25 km (15 mile) ride was specifically created to be led by experienced ride leaders to guide new and less experienced riders through a fairly easy course. We are asking riders to plan on arriving early enough at the Event to give yourselves time to park, gather up your bike, helmet, water bottle and other things you might need and getting to and through the registration area.
Ride Leader Jeff Munk Ride Leader Jeff Munk
The plan is that around 9:00 am announcements will be made for these riders to gather in a designated area. Look around inside and outside the check-in area for signs leading you to the 25KM MEETING AREA. This is usually outside the circle of picnic benches surrounding the flagpole before you get to the pavilion. You'll see this area as you head from the parking area to the registration area.
25KM Sign 25KM Sign
Once we are all together there you will meet the Ride Leaders and will get a brief orientation on Safety and Group Riding. Be sure your bicycle is in good working order before you arrive at the park. We recommend that you find out the tube size for your tires and purchase and bring the extra tube with you. Not sure? Get a free inspection at your local bike shop. We strongly recommend all cyclists to be 16 or older at the Bloomin' Metric®. Sorry, no bicycle child/pet trailers are permitted.

We Make Sure You'll Be Well Fed

Throughout your ride and on your return, we make certain that you don't go hungry.
During your ride there will be numerous food stops along the way. Three stops are available on the 75 kilometer and 100 kilometer routes and one stop is available on the 40 kilometer route. There are no food stops during the 25 kilometer route but when you finish there will be food at the Event's starting point. This special ride will be led by experienced ride leaders. On your return you will see that the event area has been transformed into a food truck extravaganza.
Food stop at the Bloomin' Metric
Food/Rest Stops
The Bloomin' Metric® has 3 fully serviced food stops, serving the 40 km, 75 km and 100 km routes.
Food truck at the Bloomin' Metric
Food Trucks
For your after-ride meal, choose from one of many food trucks, and there could be ice cream.
Bloomin' Metric Store
After the Ride
Stay all afternoon, buy stuff and hang out with your friends - new and old.