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Bloomin' Metric®:

Pre-Bloomin' Activities

VeloFix Guys VeloFix Guys
Activities prior to the Bloomin' can consist of a lot of things to get yourself ready for this great bicycling tour. This can be your bike or yourself. For your peace of mind, it would be important that your bike is in good working order.
VeloFix Guys VeloFix Guys
Cables fray, brake pads get worn down and tires wear out. Your bike might not have been ridden in a long time and should be inspected. Luckily many bike shops in the surrounding towns are offering free bike inspections, which we encourage cyclists take advantage of. Just mention that you are registered for the Bloomin' Metric® to see if it's a participating shop.
While at the shop, you might also want to check out accessories you might need for the tour. It could be a front or rear light, additional CO2 cartridges or a saddle bag.
SoundCyclists Group SoundCyclists Group
When you sign up to ride the Bloomin' Metric® you get more than just a bike tour. You will be getting valuable information and services in addition to the ride. As mentioned throughout this website, you will be getting a limited time membership with Sound Cyclists Bicycle Club if you were never a member before and it extends through August 31, where you can join some great rides and meet new people.
If you register early, you can start taking advantage of club rides to get yourself in shape. More information on how to start that process after registering will be sent to you in your confirmation E-mail. SAVE that E-mail because it will have additional information you'll need to see to take full advantage of some other services the club offers. Additional information is below.

In-Shop Bike Inspection

Local bike shop
Support Your Local Bike Shop
There is no substitute for their expertise – from selecting and fitting your bicycle to accessories and clothing. Plus bike maintenance.
Bike being inspected
Have Your Bike Inspected
Participating bike shops provide free in-shop bike inspections to Bloomin' registrants.
Get your bike ready!
Bike accessories in shop
Use Your 10% Discount
Most participating bike shops provide a 10% discount on accessories. See store for details. Get yourself ready!
Check with your local bike shop to see if they are participating in the free bike inspection program for the Bloomin' Metric®. There will be techs at the starting point of the ride and at various food stops to help you out as well.
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Sound Cyclists Members

Your Free Membership

Most Bloomin' Metric® registrants who were never members of SCBC before will receive a limited time membership to Sound Cyclists Bicycle Club that will run through August 31st. Here's how it works.
Once you submit your registration for the Bloomin' Metric® event, you will receive an E-mail confirmation. DO NOT DELETE that E-mail and READ IT CAREFULLY. In the E-mail you will see important information about what you get as a member of the club. There will also be instructions on how you will create a password to log into your account.

Full SCBC Membership

Bloomin' Metric Riders Bloomin' Metric Riders'
After your membership expires on September 1st, you will have the opportunity to renew your membership ($35.00). If you should renew immediately (like in September), your membership will run to the end of the year and continue through all of the following year (16 months). Full membership has its privileges and Sound Cyclists offers a lot more to its members.
You will have access to the club's extensive rides library, the ability to join the club's RWGPS licensed account converting you to premium status, take advantage of our bike shop discount program, attend special events, and much more. Take the time to explore the SCBC website, which contains a wealth of information and see all of what the club has to offer.